Zacharias Center



Zacharias Sexual Abuse Center provides a place where survivors of sexual assault and abuse can heal. Zacharias also provides programs to educate and mobilize the community towards action to end sexual violence.




I love the fireplace. This feels warm and welcoming like a safe home, just like it does in Gurnee. This is beautiful!

Collaborative Professional





With the help of volunteer designers and craftspeople, we are able to create a home for our agency, which has become a haven for our clients. Our counseling rooms are safe and private, our classrooms can now accommodate school groups, and new lighting and ventilation allow us to offer art therapy programs in a way we never could before. Because we deal with children and adults who have already suffered extreme trauma, it was absolutely imperative that the space they entered when coming to our agency was warm, welcoming and yet professional. The importance of appropriate space cannot be underestimated.

Torrie Fink

Executive Director, Zacharias Center