Refugee One Refresh Project

Last time I left you all in August, I mentioned a Painting Day of Service.

We had a lovely group of volunteers join us bright and early on a Friday & Saturday to help D4D paint the common spaces of Refugee One in the Uptown Neighborhood. It’s a lot of fun to get to know the volunteers of Designs for Dignity because they always have such mixed backgrounds and connections. Many of the volunteers that participated were some of our design volunteers or Associate Board members that are repeat participants for Days of Service. A lot of the volunteers are also new to the organization through friends and acquaintances.

Events with D4D can be such adventures. I remember walking in that morning to no power in the reception area, and maybe a few too many volunteers – but that is never a bad thing! Mostly, however, I remember the faces of the volunteers so eager and ready to work – after donuts of course! There is always so much adventure when we’re on a D4D project site. The best part is seeing our volunteers roll with the punches no matter the situation.

Since then, the Refugee One ‘refresh project’ has been completed and installed for a few months. We were able to provide donated seating for the various programs that Refugee One offers, such as tablet arm chairs for their classrooms that might offer English classes. Some of the other items included tables, task chairs & side chairs for offices.

Working with Refugee One was a very enjoyable experience for me. It was great to see the project through, and make an impact in a small but effective manner. It was also a really great experience to work with volunteers to get this project done. Designs for Dignity needs its volunteers to make the impact that we do. Impacting lives is a collective effort of many who care, and I’ve been very lucky to have shared the mission of D4D with all of the staff and volunteers that I’ve come across in my short time here.

Jennifer Sobecki