A Day in the Life of a D4D Intern

I suppose I haven’t introduced myself to you yet.

Hello! My name’s Erin and I am D4D’s summer intern. I’ll be going into my fourth and final year of my architect undergraduate career at Miami University (OH) in the fall. Like any college design student, I thrive in an environment filled with colors, crazy days, and coffee. And that is exactly what kind of environment D4D is.

8:40 AM: Meet at the office to drive to an upholstery meeting.

9:00 AM: Brainstorm various ways to reuse fabric donations – pillows, table runners, quilts…

9:20 AM: Off to the warehouse to tag furniture pieces before our client meeting. Stop for coffee along the way.

9:57 AM: “What if we move the stools up front so they’re all together…” “No they’re in the back of the task chairs when we get to them in the move we can tag them then.” “Wait can we have the movers take down those side chairs-” “And open up the rack for the donation coming in, genius!”

10:30 AM: Close up the warehouse to go to the client meeting. Complain about the radio.

11:15 AM: Talk about the room, donation drop-off logistics, and other practical matters. Everyone seems excited and pleased with the space!

12:00 PM: Shake hands all around, excited for the collaboration that’s going to happen.

12:03 PM: Wait with Jordyn when Claire brings the car around. It’s raining.

12:30 PM: Hop out at the Mart with Jordyn to look at donations from Herman Miller.

12:50 PM: Back in the office, time for lunch and emails.

1:20 PM: Begin researching appropriate language to update our documents to give to the design team and volunteers at the start of each new project.

2:24 PM: “Wait, Erin, can you look up these KI values really fast?”

2:40 PM: Get lost in KI’s product price list.

2:43 PM: Find my way back to the start of KI’s product price list.

2:57 PM: Found the values, and back to language research I go.

3:15 PM: “Do we have everything for the photo shoot tomorrow?” Put together the bag of props for the shoot.

3:30 PM: Back to language research.

4:20 PM: Save research draft, we’ll have a staff meeting to talk about it in more detail tomorrow. Open survey forms to edit and update.

5:13 PM: “How is it already after five!”

It certainly hasn’t been an internship of getting coffee for the boss. Instead, it’s been an internship of trips to the Mart, moving tile, and meeting clients. Every day is different. You do a little bit of everything – fundraising, client meetings, furniture moves, days of service, the list continues. I’m so incredibly thankful for my summer at D4D. It certainly hasn’t been dull!


*Please note, this particular day has been fictionalized but is based entirely off my D4D experiences.

Erin Socha