4 Lessons from D4D

As my summer at Designs for Dignity comes to a close,

I can’t help but reflect on what the summer has taught me. I learned and experienced a lot this summer – from moves to internal file structures to CAD plans to everything in between.


1/ Furniture is everywhere. 

A big part of my internship was researching furniture, looking up pricing or upholstery options for various pieces. After hours of searching through fabric memos for a certain piece, you tend to remember the piece pretty well. Pretty soon, you start seeing the same lounge set everywhere you go.

2/ Always buy the party bag of skittles. 

Or M&M’s, or whatever your sugar choice of intake may be. We sometimes use skittles as a prop when staging spaces for professional photography, and – just like life – you never know how many you’ll need to add a pop of color to the frame. And they provide a great 3 o’clock snack the next day.

3/ Moves take time. 

Not only does moving the furniture itself take hours, there are hours of planning and preparation that go behind every move in order to make it as efficient as possible. Thank your movers and coordinators, they do a lot of work you don’t realize.

4/ People are awesome. 

I feel like I write this in every blog, but it’s just so true! At a time when the world is filled with cruelty and sorrow, it’s amazing to think how far an act of kindness can spread. D4D is that first act of kindness, and watching it spread has been simply incredible.


These lessons only begin to scratch the surface of what this summer has taught me. Thank you, D4D, for a summer I’ll never forget.

Erin Socha