Dignity Circle


Designs for Dignity invites you to become a member of our Dignity Circle, our exclusive inner circle of community donors and supporters. We proudly recognize our members on our website, annual report and published materials.

Giving levels start at $1,000.00

Annual contributions are 100% tax deductible to Designs for Dignity.


Thank you to our members!

Dick & Lorin Costolo

Elizabeth Krueger, Elizabeth Krueger Design

Gary Metzner, Sotheby’s

Geoff & Wendy Ellis

Gordon White

Holly Hunt, Holly Hunt Design

Jen Sobecki & Jackie Slaats

Jim & Wendy Abrams

Kristen Werries Collier, Novack and Macey, LLP

Laura Adden & Stacey Nevara

Mary Jo Fasan, JO Chicago

Michael DelPiero, Michael DelPiero Good Design

Michael Wilcynski

Michelle Holland, Katzin, Inc.

Nancy Powers, Coldwell Banker Winnetka

Nicholas Roarike Moriarty, Nicholas Moriarty Interiors

Oscar Tatosian & Sarkis Tatosian, Oscar Isberian Rugs

Paige Dooley, The Hudson Group

Paul & Ann Krouse

Richard Gordon & Jill Buckner

Scott Fortman, Gibbons Fortman & Associates

Summer Thornton, Summer Thornton Design

Tim Davitt & Kelly Marcelle